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Upper School Updates - May 5

Dear Upper School Parents and Guardians,

We had a fabulous start to May with home lacrosse games with strong school spirit, a 7th-grade scavenger hunt in Boston, a 5th-grade arcade full of games the 5th graders had created in Changemaking, and an outstanding Declamation. During declamation, it was amazing to see the development of 5th graders to 8th graders declaiming their poems on our stage and then see three Brookwood alums as judges return to the Brookwood stage naming the 2023 winners. May is full of events, and I’ll try to keep you updated on what is happening on One Brookwood Road as we embark on the last month of school.

ERBS: Next week, we begin ERBS at Brookwood. Please read this letter to learn more about these standardized tests.

SAMSON STROLLS: I visited 6th Grade French. Please click here to learn more about the class. If there is something you would like to see this semester, please email me!

Please ask your students about:

5th Grade:

Math: Ask me about multiplying and dividing fractions and decimals.

Literacy: Ask me about how Kek, our eternal optimist, managed a great struggle and found joy in the end.

Social Studies: Ask me about the sacrifices that had to be made, to both land and people, to start a new life in our colonization simulation.

Science: Crafting a scientific claim with supporting evidence and a conclusion that sums things up.

Wellness: (5A) What acts of self-compassion did I come up with to comfort myself when I am sad or suffering in some way?

Spanish: (Ruiz, Gustaferro) Ask me about the Spanish-speaking country I am


French: Ask me about the details of the Francophone countries that we have been studying.

Art: Ask me about how I created my “Tree of Life” drawing

6th Grade:

Math: Square Roots and Pythagorean Theorem

Geo: What sustainable goal target did I choose to research?

Science: How does a star begin its life?

Wellness: Ask me about my drawing/painting of a healthy relationship and what the colors reflect about the relationship.

Spanish: Ask me about the book I am reading in class and what I know about Carlos.

Music: Which is most difficult: Lyrics, Melody, or Chords, and why?

French: Claude’s dilemma in La Leçon de Chocolat, the book we are reading in class.

Art: Ask me about how I am using one and two-point perspectives in my urban landscape drawing

7th Grade:

Math ( Carbo): Volumes and Surface Areas

Math (Carver): how many different arrangements can be made from a set of things

History: How a lack of power in government led the South to secede from the Union.

Science: If two parents have brown hair and dark eyes, how can the next generation of humans have light hair and blue eyes?

Internet Literacy (Sect. 2 only): How I use my amazing search skills and understanding of DNS (Domain Name System) to tell the truth from lies online!

Wellness: Ask me about how I expressed and illustrated my emotions in “a day at school” and reflect on emotional patterns and regulation strategies to improve the feelings that affect my learning.

French: Ask me about the book I am reading in class and what I have learned about Côte D’Ivoire through reading it.

Spanish: Ask me a