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Upper School Updates: May 6, 2022

Dear Upper School Parents and Guardians,

What an exciting week with Movie Night, Declamation, and an incredible Grandparents and Special Friend’s day. May is a fun time to be at Brookwood!

Please ask your children about…

5th Grade (Outside of the Homeroom Classes)

French: Capitals of Francophone countries

Technology: Ask your Fifth Graders to show you their Family Tree Projects in Google Slides!

Spanish: Saying how we get places and transportation

6th Grade

French: More food items we are learning and how to order in a restaurant.

Science: Local green hotels bicycle riding in Bangladesh

Math: How I did on the Chapter 11 Test and if I am winning in my PEMDAS game.

Spanish: Saying where we go around the school

Geo (Burns): The legacy of Zheng He. How do his travels differ from those of Marco Polo?

English: The Giver society

Geo (Abramson): My exploration topic presentation

7th Grade

French: Utensils, table settings, and lots of new words for food and meals.

Math (Carver): transformations of functions

History: Why the Union struggled so much in the early years of the Civil War.

English: Long Way Down

Math ( Carbo): How we have started a new unit - Polynomials

Science: genotype vs. phenotype

Spanish: starting our food unit and what I am making from the country I studied

8th Grade

French: How to avoid repeating words by using pronouns.

Science: Building a bird, mutating DNA, and inherited traits using beans.

Mandarin: Chinese cities, the directions

Math: the quadratic formula song

English: American Born Chinese

Science: Newton’s Laws of Motion

Spanish: Playing “Adivina el Bebé” and writing about when we were young

History: How World War 2 can be told by maps

7th / 8th Grade Dance Update: Friday, May 20 (5:30 pm - 8:30 pm) We plan to hold the dance inside (mask optional) but will go outside if COVID cases are high in our community. The attire for the dance is “quarter formal,” which includes the following:

* Shirts - button down

* Blouses

* Dresses

* Skirts

* Dress Pants/Khakis

Articles and Links:

I found this article in Psychology Today to provide helpful questions for parents when their child might be struggling with something.

Enjoy the weekend!


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