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Parent Webinar Recording + Q&A


Parent Q&A

Health & Safety

Q: Is there any distancing inside?

Desks remain spread out, but we no longer have specific distances such as 6ft like last year. All other mitigating measures remain in place such as masks, hand hygiene and open windows doors.

Q: Will the weekly test be a PCR or rapid antigen test?

PCR pool testing

Q: What is the rapid antigen test that will be used for asymptomatic close contacts in school?

Abbott BinaxNOW

Q: Does the school have a consulting physician? Who is on your COVID Team?

Yes, we have a consulting physician who works closely with the Health Office throughout the year. The COVID-19 Team is:

  • Jon Barlett, Head of School

  • Kiley Callahan, School Nurse

  • Letitia Howland, Director of Finance and Operations

  • Bob Hastings, Director of Facilities

  • Doug Fodeman, Head of Response Team and Director of Technology

  • Jeff Wilfahrt, Faculty Representative and First Grade Teacher

Q: Any advice to parents on the best types of masks to use for kids?

The best type of mask differs for every student - the most important aspect is fit. You want a mask that fits securely on your childs face. K-N95 masks are highly recommended, but don’t always fit well on smaller faces.

Resources for Kids

Q: If a student is quarantining but not actually ill, will they be provided school work, remote learning or otherwise be supported to continue their studies?

Yes. If the student is isolated because of COVID-specific reasons, our faculty will work with the student to continue their learning.

Q: What is the dress code for this year?

Since students will frequently be outside, and to reduce the need for students to change in the locker rooms before PE, the Dress Code is a combination of our typical dress with an option for athletic dress. Students should dress appropriately for the weather in clothing that is neat, clean, and in good repair.

Q: Is the school planning remote learning the week following Winter Break and March break as was done last year?

Not at this point in time; however, COVID-19 numbers will dictate any adjustments.

Q: Given the impact of the pandemic on the whole child, what is Brookwood doing to address the mental health of the children in addition to their physical health.

Dr. Shayda Ahi, our Consulting Psychologist, and other outside specialists partner with students, faculty, and parents to provide support for students. Additionally, we have added time for PGD classes (Personal Growth and Development) back into the Upper School schedule. Please reach out to Dave Samson, Moira Smith, or Shayda Ahi with specific questions.

Upper School

Q: Will Upper School students be able to use lockers this year?

Yes. We plan to start the year with lockers!

Q: When will you send the athletics schedule to Upper School parents?

The games will be posted by September 1, 2021, though team rosters won’t be made until the second week of September.

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