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Upper School Update June 2, 2023

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Dear Upper School Parents and Guardians,

We are wrapping up an exciting week which included the end of the athletic spring season, 5th graders joining their Kindergarten buddies for their Heron Hunger Walk, a 6th grade Sleepout, and an 8th Grade Field Trip. Next week, students will learn their Steep Week assignments, compete in a Heron House Round-Robin, attend or perform in Coffee House, and end the week with a Beach Day!

Friday, June 9 - Beach Day

Beach Day Attire: In addition to sunscreen, All students need to bring a tee shirt (sun shirt or rash guard), a towel, and a bathing suit. Depending on the weather, your children might need a sweatshirt. We will provide a bag lunch. 5th and 6th Graders will go to West Beach, and 7th and 8th graders will go to Singing Beach.

For reminders about the End of School Events, please click here.

Please ask your children about:

5th Grade

Literacy: Ask me about my fantasy book project and reading Aesop’s Fables.

Math: Ask me about how to classify triangles and the features of different quadrilaterals. Are rectangles squares? Are squares rectangles?

Wellness: Ask me what it was like to practice yoga outside rather than in the Loft. Ask me what sounds I heard near and far when we practiced mindful listening.

Spanish: Ask me about the story we create in class and the character's preferences and nationalities.

Science: Ask me about what it’s like to discuss healthy and unhealthy relationships.

6th Grade

Math: Ask me about reviewing operations with fractions, decimals, and negatives for the final math test.

Wellness: Ask me how I would define an unhealthy relationship and the unpleasant feelings one may experience. Ask me about the superfoods included in the Blueberry Blast smoothie! Ask me what I thought of the mindfulness meditation practice where we repeated in our minds, “breathing in 1, breathing out 1”.

Spanish: Ask me about the book “La Lección del Chocolate” and what I learned about chocolate and its cultural significance in Mexico.

Music:Ask me about recording original songs on Garageband.

Science: Ask me for examples for using consent in everyday situations.

English: Ask me what I think happened at the end of The Giver.

7th Grade

Math (Carbo): Ask me about studying combinations, permutations, and probability.

Math (Carver): Ask me about sequences.

Spanish- Ask me about finishing “el jersey” and what the surprise was at the end of the story

English: Writing an ending to Long Way Down

History: Ask me about the challenges of writing historical fiction.

Wellness: Ask me to describe personal emotional barriers to learning such as social, academic or past experiences. Ask me what emotional supports are available to help me learn at my best. Ask me about the superfoods included in the Blueberry Blast smoothie! Ask me what I thought of the mindfulness meditation practice where we visualized our “best self.”

Internet Literacy (Section 3): Ask me about my super-sleuth Internet detective skills and how I can expose online fraud!

French: Ask me about the book “Le Maillot” and how it allowed me to glimpse a different culture than my own.

Science: Ask me about the laws around sexting.

8th Grade ASK ME ABOUT...

Spanish: My final project and talking about the future in Spanish

Math (section 1): Modeling projectile motion

Math (section 2): Constructions in geometry using a straightedge and compass

English: The Punctuation Project

Wellness: Ask me about the gratitude activity using our 5 senses. Ask me what neurotransmitters are released when we feel grateful. Ask me what healthy, high energy snacks were provided for our final Wellness class.

Music: Some of the classical pieces of music they have listened to.

French: The early life of Zienixx and how she came to embrace graffiti as her primary art form in Senegal.

Articles and Resources: I found this article from the New York Times provided good strategies to help with teens and sleep.

Enjoy the weekend!

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